Province gives $4m to Mac for Biotech project

Hamilton Spectator; By Steven Buist

The Ontario government has announced it will inject $4 million into a high-tech biomedical engineering research centre being proposed for Hamilton.

The new venture will be a partnership between McMaster University and Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology.

The new centre would be located in McMaster Innovation Park and have a goal of developing and producing specialized therapies to treat cancers and immune-based diseases.

The province’s cash contribution was announced on Monday afternoon at McMaster by Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment.

“It’s no secret that McMaster is known for its cutting-edge life sciences research, and I know that firsthand,” said Hoskins, who obtained both his science and medical degrees from the university.

“When McMaster reaches out globally like this, they’re making economic connections that benefit us all.”   Read the full story at the spec.


14th Art in the Workplace Round Up!

Art in the Workplace Round up!

Thank you to the entire Hamilton Community for coming out to the 14th Art in the Workplace (AWP) exhibit just one week ago today. The Atrium was filled with over 500 people, the largest turn out for any AWP exhibit.


The exhibit featured over 130 great pieces from nearly 100 local artists, which were all on sale (unless noted otherwise). Artist April Mansilla was even able to sell her art during the opening!

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the art, and hear about the motivation for the pieces directly from the artists. This exhibit also featured 62 pieces of art in the Mohawk College Art Collection, curated by Dr. Alison McQueen, assisted by her Art Collection Seminar Students. This exhibit collaborated even further with the Hamilton Community with feature art prepared by the Westdale Secondary School Photography Class and Cardinal Newman Art Classes. Lastly, in honour of World Water Day 10 pieces of Art will be displayed showcasing talent from the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health international World Water Day photo competition.

Entertainment for the evening included local musical talent Sam Keddy (Female singer/songwriter of folk/adult contemporary music) playing the keyboard, accompanied by Matt Sousa on acoustic guitar. Anywhere you went in the Atrium, attendees couldn’t get over how great Sam sounded! She even covered favourites like Royals, by Lorde.

Buttons, which were on sale at the exhibit, were inspired by pieces from the Feature Artist, Sylvia Simpson.  These button images are based on the rock patterns that Sylvia saw while painting in the La Cloche Mountains – an area north of Manitoulin Island and south of Espanola.  These mountains are some of the oldest mountains in the world.  The feature button is a depiction of the rock pattern on an island near White Fish Falls, ON. All proceeds from sales of the buttons were returned to AWP.  For more information on Sylvia and her work, visit her Facebook page “Sylvia Simpson’s Creative-Works”.

From the food to the art, to the music, and the people, the night was one not to be missed! Thanks to 28 Lister for the wonderful spread.


All pieces will be on display until late June and can be enjoyed throughout the Spring. See you at the next exhibit!

Featured Video from Ignite News at Mohawk College:

Creative technology firms betting on Hamilton

By Meredith MacLeod from The Hamilton Spectator

Dale Mugford is placing a big bet on Hamilton and he says there is no other city worth the risk.

Mugford and his B.C.-based partner Duane Storey have left their home offices to move their company, Brave New Code, into its first office.

The company is one of the great success stories of the city’s digital media sector, a cluster growing in profile and size in the city.

“It’s an online world, but we’re hoping to plant a flag in the sand here in Hamilton,” said Mugford, who moved here from Mississauga in 2006. He was immediately captivated by the dusty raw space in the newly remodeled Empire Times building on King William Street.

The 2,100-square-foot space was originally slated to be three units.

“I said, ‘What if we took the whole thing?’ I had this vision of a space that doesn’t exist right now in Hamilton. You see them in Toronto or New York or Vancouver, but it’s not yet in Hamilton.”

Mugford and Storey have sunk about $20,000 in leasehold improvements into their new office, including the construction of a glassed-in boardroom.

The space is more than the five people working at Brave New Code need at the moment, but there are a couple of shared work space tenants lined up and Mugford is looking for two more.

Its plug-in, WPTouch, which provides an easy way to convert websites into content for tablets and phones has been downloaded a staggering six million times since 2008.

The number is impressive, but perhaps more so is the fact that the first iPhone was released only a year before and the iPad arrived in 2010.

“We were ahead of the curve for the mobile explosion. We just knew the iPhone was the future and we were excited by the technology.”

It’s hard to fully quantify how big the digital media sector – populated by web and mobile developers, gaming companies, animators, graphic designers, and a range of video, photo and sound artists using technology – has grown in the city.

See here for the full story.